Another Film Shoot at the Beach

Bride and groom
Bride and groom

Wynette: Pat and I were on the beach when a small wedding party showed up. Well, it appeared to be a bride and groom and a photographer and a couple of others. We could see that the photographer was telling the bride and groom what to do for the photos. Then Pat figured out that it wasn’t really a wedding party at all. They were probably filming a commercial or something like that. Pat is from LA so she’s an old hand at spotting this sort of thing.

We heard that the Havana, Cuba, beach scene with Halle Berry in the James Bond film Die Another Day was filmed at this beach.

With the photographer/director
With the photographer/director
The entire crew
The entire crew

The Bell Tower


Charlie: Wynette and I walked up to the top of the bell tower of Cadiz Cathedral. The way up is a circular ramp rather than steps so it is easier to climb. Great views of the city. Here is one from another direction, looking back at the narrow isthmus that connects Cadiz with the mainland:


The first time only Charlie went up the bell tower. Here are Pat and Wynette sitting in the cathedral cafe waiting for me to come down. Wynette is taking a picture of me up in the tower.



Cadiz north from the bell tower

Charlie and Wynette: Cadiz is a coast/beach town (about 124,000 people) 60 miles south of Sevilla. It is on the south Atlantic coast of Spain. The train takes an hour and 45 minutes and makes 10 stops between Sevilla and Cadiz.

We have been lazy and leaving out the accent that should be over the “a” in “Cadiz”. It is pronounced CAH-deeth, with strong emphasis on the “CAH”.

We read that Cadiz is the oldest city in Western Europe and Columbus set sail from here on his second voyage to the Americas.

Wynette walking along the waterfront.
Wynette walking along the waterfront.

AirBnB in Cadiz


Charlie and Wynette: With three people, airbnb works great. Ours had five little balconies. Above is a view from one of them. Old church across the street and old theater next to that. We were on the third floor (no elevator).

Here is link on airbnb. (You can read there that we were on the second floor but floor 2 in Europe is floor 3 in US. In Europe the ground floor is numbered 0.)

Below is Charlie at the table in the living/dining room with the pretty blue curtains.


Mrs. Lady


Wynette: This is for my mom. I remember her telling me that when I was a little girl I’d play grocery store in the kitchen using the food in the lower cabinets as the merchandise. She was the customer who’d come in to buy and I’d call her “Mrs. Lady.” (Mom, did I remember the story right?)