Mezquita Redux

Charlie: Actually Christy and I had visited the Mezquita on our trip to Europe in 1969, a mere 46 years ago. I remember being much more impressed with it then than I was this time. Things are more amazing when you are 21. We took a taxi, but I am sure that I would have enjoyed observing present-day Cordoba on a walk from the train station to the Mezquita more than I enjoyed touring the Mezquita a second time. This feeling is not about the merits of the Mezquita or how anyone else should plan their travel but about how Wynette and I like to travel these days.

I did enjoy exploring the panorama:


and spherical:


modes on my camera. The spherical one looks great on the phone with the right software to display it.


4 thoughts on “Mezquita Redux”

  1. I’ve had the same experience (elsewhere). The first time is the most magical. Will see if it happens today when I go to the Swoyambhunath temple today.


    1. Just to clarify: I visited this temple last time I was in Kathmandu. I’m curious to see the effects of a big restoration done five years ago, and the damage done by the big April earthquake.


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